How to Add French Country to Your Home

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How to Add French Country to Your Home

If you’ve been following any of the design trends of the past few years, you’ll know that French Country style has taken hold in mainstream culture. The popularity of shows like “Fixer Upper” and the meteoric rise of Magnolia Market have only helped to push the demand for French Country furniture and decor even higher. Boutique stores (like our own here at Veranda Bloom) have long understood the sophistication and stylish appeal of French Country decor, but now even “big-box” stores like Ashley Furniture and Lack’s have started offering their own spin on French Country (albeit a watered down variety).

At heart, French country style is feminine without being cloying, colorful without being overly bright, welcoming without being too sentimental and casual without being sloppy. It blends an old-world sensibility with cheerful colors, patterns, and materials to banish any trace of stodginess, and it adapts easily to influences from other decorating styles, even contemporary looks. It’s no wonder that French country never goes out of fashion – this warm, welcoming style is perfect for the whole home.

With all the demand and interest in French Country style, how exactly does someone go about creating the trendy, chic look in their own home? This blog post will help cover some of the features and staples of French Country style and will even give you some ideas on how to achieve the look without totally breaking away from your current decor. Plus, we’ve got all the brands and pieces in store to help make all your French Country design goals a reality!


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1.  Traditional Color Schemes

The French country decorating palette includes a variety of airy, pastel hues punched up with strong, vibrant accents. You’ll find a great deal of creamy white and pastel tints of orange, yellow and red set off by cheerful shades of gold, sage green, burgundy, sky blue and black. As befits a country style, the palette includes colors found in nature – this isn’t the decorating style for extreme brights or metallics. Often, the colors are combined in unexpected ways, but the overall vibe is never garish or busy. 


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2. Textured and Layered Fabrics

Despite a palette that is typically fairly subdued, a French country room is certainly not boring or without contrast. Layered fabrics, a variety of patterns, and a range of textures creates wonderful interest, even if the color range is small. French country style is not afraid to combine multiple layers and textures with one another, and few surfaces are without some sort of texture on them. To achieve this look, consider adding a tufted headboard to your bedroom, updating your dining room table and chairs, or incorporating French country style blankets and throws in your living room.


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3. French Country Patterns

French country isn’t afraid to mix and match patterns. The quintessential French country pattern, of course, is toile. Other patterns you’ll often find in the French country home are florals, stripes, chinoiserie, gingham, and checks. To accomplish this look, mix and match some of the patterns in your curtains, comforters, table cloths and linens to achieve the classic French country motif.


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4. Distressed Paint

Another staple of French country style is crackled or distressed furniture, as you can see in the images above. This look is commonplace in French country decor and can be found throughout the furniture here at Veranda Bloom. Adding just a few pieces (as seen in the image above) can help incorporate French country into your current decor without totally redecorating your entire home.


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5. Non-Linear Edges

One of the most common aspects of French country decor is the avoidance of square, blocky edges. Almost anything can have a wavy, curved or beveled edge that is a tell-tale sign of French country. The image above is a great example, as even the front of the chest of drawers (which would commonly be straight and rectangular) is curved in a defining characteristic of French country style.


Following these five standards of French country style will go a long way to helping you achieve the stylish, trendy decor you’ve been searching for. Plan a trip to Veranda Bloom and you’ll be able to browse our massive selection of French country, country chic, and urban farmhouse decor to create a style at is both tasteful and 100% percent your own. Visit us today, and don’t forget to check our website routinely. Our online purchasing options will be available soon!