New Park Hill Collection Has Arrived

New Park Hill Collection Has Arrived

Here at Veranda Bloom, we get pretty excited when we get a new shipment of furniture, home decor and accessories to showcase to all of our fans and customers. We recently received a huge shipment of new items from the Park Hill Collection line, and we’ve got to say, these are some truly unique and beautiful pieces we’re working with here.

Now, usually we don’t get too tied up in the brands we carry or the new items they’ve rolled out – we like to think that we’re pretty grounded around here – but this selection of new items has got the entire staff worked up! Whether you’re looking for urban farmhouse decor, mid-century design, country-chic furniture or any number of different styles and themes, there’s a little bit of something for just about everyone in this new shipment.

We’re proud to say that our selection of farmhouse furniture and decor rivals that of just about anyone in Central Texas (yes, including those Magnolia Market folks up in Waco) and we offer quality, hand-curated items at an affordable value. If you’re looking for just the perfect piece of furniture and home decor for you house, stop by our shop here in Rogers. We’ll be happy to see you, and you’ll be glad you stopped in.

Don’t forget, even if you’re not able to physically make it to our location, you’re always welcome to shop for your furniture and home decor needs via our online shopping portal. We’ve got lots of merchandise for you to choose from, and some of the best deals in our entire inventory are listed on the website as “online only.” That being said, our best selection will always be our In-Store options, as we simply can’t put all of our ever-changing inventory on the website.

However you choose to see us, be sure to stop in and check out these great finds from Park Hill Collection, as well as our terrific selection from Bramble Co., Uttermost, Harp & Finial and many, many more!